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A very rare George III silver mounted natural Conch shell Caddy Spoon made in Birmingham circa 1810 by Matthew Linwood.

The shell has a very attractive shape and colour and has plain silver mounts. The bi-fucated handle has a double thread edge border and is marked on the reverse with the single maker's mark of Matthew Linwood who, it would appear, specialised in the production of these spoons. This piece is in excellent condition and measures 3.25 inches in length. As you will appreciate, very few of these spoons were made, however even less have survived because of their fragile nature. A similar example is shown in "Caddy Spoons" by Captain John Norie, Plate 105, Fig c. We can only recall having two others over all of the years.

Length: 2.45 inches, 6.13cm

gbp 1,350